A Comprehensive Guide On SAT Exam

The SAT is a globally recognized examination for undergraduates. In simple words, it is an admission test that allows the students to get admission in the college in the Unites States of America.  With this test the students’ skills are tested and how effective it they are applied. Students from all over the world prepare for this examination. This examination tests your knowledge of writing, reading and math. These are the subjects that you will be taught every day in schools. The desire to take the test depends upon your desire. You can take this examination after passing out or in between of your academic sessions. The majority of the students take it during their senior or junior year in the high school.

Taking the SAT test is the first step to your favorite college.  The SAT score is just one of the many factors that allow you to get admissions in your desired college. There are several other things that universities and colleges consider in the United States. But there are still some universities and colleges that allow the admissions on the SAT score.

SAT syllabus

There are three subjects that students will have to go through. Each of the sections has a different number of questions. The score is 800 for each and 2400 total for all the three subjects. The subjects include

The critical reading: – it includes sentence completion and reading passes

Writing: – in this section short essay and MCQs are to be taken. Students have to identify errors and also need to improve the grammar use

Mathematics: – in this subject, algebra, arithmetic, geometry, probability

How to get ready for the SAT examination

The best way to prepare for the examination is to take challenging courses. Read and write study hard even outside the classroom. According to the studies cramming and short term preparation is not going to help you pass out the exam. But it is a good way to get familiar with the syllabus and format of the examination. That is why SAT practice is considered a difficult one for the undergraduates. There are several free online tools that you can use to prepare for the examination.

You can also take the assistance of the practice tests and other reading and writing stuff that is present on the internet for the preparation of SAT examination.  If you are having problems in the mathematics section, like the majority of the students have. Practice is the key. You can also hire private tutors to get hold on this subject.

Admissions in colleges

The SAT score is just one factor that is used by the colleges and universities in the United States. Different colleges use different criteria for the admissions. It is best to concentrate on the examination because it is one of the most important parts of the admission.  Personal recommendations and extra curriculum activities are the other little aspects that colleges use to get examined.

If you really want to get admission in the US college or university, then, prepare hard and all the best.


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