Eligibility, Exam Pattern And Syllabus Of The SAT

If you are interested in taking admission in any international college, you need to go throughout the SAT test. The SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. One must experience this examination, if he or she wants to take the admission in any USA college for higher studies. SAT test is a paper based standardized exam, which is needed to apply to the most of the popular universities and colleges located in the United States of America. If you will be able to get high scores on the Sat exam, there are more chances that you can get the secure admission in any good and reputed USA college. You might also acquire scholarship offers.

Eligibility criteria

A student, who wants to appear for the test, must be eligible for the examination first. The SAT is acquired by those students, who are in high schools and interested in pursuing their higher education in the United States of America. With the SAT score, the authorities will decide on the student skills and eligibility to provide academic scholarships. The SAT examination is held in the months of January, March, October, November or December.

SAT test types

There are 2 types of the SAT test, named as SAT I and SAT II. SAT I test includes the three different sections and the SAT II test includes the subject test. In the SAT I test, the skills and knowledge of the student is evaluated on three different sections like writing, critical reading and mathematics. While on the other hand, the SAT II test includes the subjective test. In this test, the skills and knowledge of the student is assessed in particular subjects. Also the ability of an applicant to apply that knowledge is assessed. This test is only the national admission examination that provides a student with the chance to display hold of content in the particular subjects like science, mathematics, history, foreign langues and many other subjects. All subject tests are based on multiple choice questions and one hour. Though, some of these examinations have unique formats.

Pattern of the exam

Every section of the test receives a grade on a scale of 200 to 800. All scores need to be the multiples of 10. All the total scores are measured by adding up the scores of all these different sections. Every section is divided into 3 parts.  There is a presence of 10 subsections that includes an extra 25 minutes, equating or experimental section that might be in any of three main sections. The equating section is utilized for normalizing questions for administrations for the future of the SAT examination and does not add up towards the final score.

Opt for online coaching classes

After understanding the exam pattern or format properly, now you need to practice well to crack the SAT test and get good scores to get admission in the reputed college or university in the USA. On the internet, you can get a plenty of online tutoring classes and also eBooks, which are handy tools to get ready for the test and take one step further towards your higher studies.


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