GMAT preparation help and tips

Preparing for GMAT exams is really tough. There are a lot of regular rules and regulations with respect to GMAT. Below given is a fact sheet that contains rules and regulation to the GMAT preparation for verbal questions. With respect to the preparation for GMAT, there is a website that has folders specific for GMATPREP CAT VERBAL questions only. This answers all the problems directly from the GMATPrep CAT.

Before posting, on must search for the text from their question. If it already appears in the database, then reading the existing posts to see if their question has been already answered would save a lot of time in not repeating the question entirely. If it is not been added, then the student can add their question to the existing thread for that particular problem. The student needs to only post questions that they have personally viewed on the verbal section of the GMATPrep exams in this particular folder. They cannot have answers to questions copied from other websites. This is because there are a lot of incorrect questions that are making waves in the web, and this causes the people a lot of consternation in their study. The first five to eight words of the problem must be used as the heading of the subject in which the question is to be asked. After that, the entire text of the question and the answer choices must be posted. The strict not to be used in the questions are abbreviations. If you need the right answer, then the question must be explicit or the problem must be straight forward. Simply posting the text of a question without telling the exact place one is struggling will lead nowhere.

Per thread, there must be only one problem posted. If one is not able to cope up, and is struggling with a lot of problems, then new thread has to be started for each problem, and that is when it is easier to review more than one problem. Only use ime files for complicated dirams that cannot be easily typed out. For instance, this may include geometric shapes and seriously complex fractions. If the question is posted as an ime, it will not appear when anyone searches for that particular problem. And it also takes much longer for the ime to get downloaded, and this is a problem for the tutors. The more the download of files and imes the tutors have to do, the fewer the problems they can get through. That is why unless and until needed, one must not upload imes. Also when it comes to GMAT preparation verbal questions, the ime files is extremely rarely used. Polite and honest questions are welcomed. Being impatient or use of rude langue is strictly not allowed. The instructors aim to respond within 5 working days, but during high volume days these cannot be guaranteed. If the user posts five or more questions, then the instructor would take a longer time to respond, as they do not want the monopoly of the posts to be there, and they must respond to every question promptly.



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