What are GRE Subject Tests?

If you are planning to take the GRE test, you may have come across the term GRE Subject Tests. The Graduate Record Examinations or GRE offers you to take two tests – one general test and the other subject tests. Subject tests take a record of your understanding of a particular subject. Taking a GRE subject test can be extremely beneficial to those who want to pursue a higher degree in a particular subject. These scores are accepted by most colleges and even their individual departments. A GRE Subject Test score can help your application to stand out ainst the multitudes of other applications and increase your chances of being admitted to a top notch college.

Here’s all the information that you would need to understand more about the GRE Subject Tests:

  • What are the subjects in which I can take a GRE subject test?

GRE offers tests in these subjects – Psychology, Physics, Mathematics, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry. If you wish to pursue a higher degree in any of these subjects in the best colleges in the US, a subject test is a must do for you.

  • How do I register for the GRE subject test?

The Subject Tests are administered in April, October and November of each year. You can know about the specific dates and deadlines for submitting your applications, you can check with the ETS. It is recommended that you register for the general test and subject tests on different days. The registration fees for the GRE Subject test would be $160. This cost covers the cost of sending your scores to four different colleges or institutions. For sending your scores to additional colleges, you will have to pay $23 per college.

  • Can I view my scores online?

Yes you can view your scores online. That too free of cost! You will have to create a My GRE Account to view your scores online. The scores are uploaded on to the View Scores Online pe about six weeks after your test date. You will be intimated by an e-mail from the ETS that your scores are available online and you can view them online. If you wish to have a hard copy of your scores, you can take a print out from the website.

The GRE Subject Test is a great way to showcase your knowledge about a particular subject. You can use the score to reach out to different departments in the colleges you wish to join. Although, there are several departments that do not judge the candidacy of an individual on the basis of his subject test scores, it will serve you as an added benefit if you submit your subject test scores along with your overall scores.

The key to cracking the GRE Subject Test is first assessing the knowledge you have on a particular subject. If you are confident, you should start right away working on preparing yourself for the Graduate Record Examination Subject Test!



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