IELTS Listening Test: Preparation Guide

When preparing for your IELTS Listening Test it is of the up most importance to realize that your level of listening skills will have to gradually be paired with your ability to perform well in the IELTS Listening tasks at a specified time limit. You will accomplish this by learning about the test’s organization and structure.

In the course of your studies, and during your work practice, you will have the opportunity to attend lectures and seminars focused on your field of education, and concerning the building of your knowledge and skills towards your chosen career. The IELTS Listening test measures and certifies your convenience to exercise these skills in the actual format and conditions of the test.

A practice test will help you measure your performance at the beginning and through the course of your preparation, and will get you acquainted with the aforementioned concepts. Remember though, that by doing a practice test you are not learning, but instead- and this is equally important- you are advancing your test skills.

How to improve your listening skills

It is very important to get some practice on a regular basis, and train your skills even for just a few minutes every day. By doing this you will see great results in two or three months. Your goal should be to reach Upper- Intermediate level.

  • Whenever possible, try to get into leisure conversations with English-speaking people. It does not have to be anything formal, just try to establish sound communication. This will help you with your speaking skills as well.
  • Try to watch films, documentaries, and shows without subtitles. Practice your understanding through context. It is not necessary to pick up special langue or informal and slang expressions.
  • Listening to English music with easy to understand lyrics is also a great idea. It sometimes gives you the chance to study different accents, plus it is great practice while you are having fun!

The following links will provide you with brilliant practice material coming from the BBC Learning English platform. You can start with two links that offer short programs, which you can do every day. Using a mobile phone and an Internet connection, you can practice while going to work or school or at any time you have a 10-15 minute break. Normally that should be enough, although you will find a lot of interesting and helpful material in the platform.


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