IR is Low Priority (This Year), Survey Confirms

As we have talked about a couple of months back, most of the business schools are still deciding on how to apply for an IR during the process of admissions. An article from US News reports that Kaplan has just released some new and fresh survey. This particular survey lends wider support to the undependable reports that we have been listening from respective individual schools.

Meanwhile, Kaplan surveyed about 265 business schools that include 17 of the top 25, for just to learn on how they have been applying IR up to now. A little more than half are yet to figure out on what to actually do with the score, whereas approximately one-fourth of the respondents pointed out that they already believe IR is significant. Now, as well in that final category, the schools are yet to decide on how much importance is set to put on IR. Director of Admissions at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, Dawna Clarke, told to US News that while she does think that IR is very much significant in nature, but she as well pointed out that they are yet to figure out precisely on how to use the scores in the nonexistence of entrenched historical data. To put it briefly: people are not rather certain yet what the data signifies or how much kind of a bang it should probably have on admissions.

Just look forward to all of this to start varying by next year. Believing that the data sooner or later ascertains that the IR part does really make out well-built business school applicants, the schools will prone start using IR more critically throughout the 2013 admissions period (for those who are eer to go into a program commencement in 2014).

Now, we wonder how profoundly IR will ponder in the admissions decision. Well, we won’t able to know unless and until we begin to have enhanced studies of how helpful the score is. And if becomes a strong forecaster of b-school accomplishment, then IR is speedily going to develop into an exceptionally vital section of the GMAT.


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