MBA admission chances for Indians through GMAT

Want to study in abroad and be an MBA? Then we have one solution for you that will enhance your chances to study in foreign countries. So if you are an avere scorer in GMAT exam then you are considered a respectable scorer by global standards, isn’t sound amazing?

It’s true that a GMAT score says little about the manerial potential of the class participants. If you want to do MBA from the top universities of the world then there are several other points also include as experience, industry, accomplishments and many more. But apart from lots of high mountains of difficulties this is also true that many of the universities that have several of the programs they accept candidates with low GMAT scores.

Effect on avere GMAT scorer:

So if you are an avere scorer in GMAT you are not that much bad. But you are still curious to know that your avere score is competitive considering the mean GMAT scores for Indian business schools like ISB, IIMsGMP and others. When it comes to an MBA scholarship then many of the best foreign MBA colleges have high averes too that means almost everyone who applies can expect good news from the bschool.

One more question has raised here that does a high score guarantee a GMAT scholarship? So I must answer by saying a simple No. you can check any of the bschool website and you will find that how they will evaluate an application holistically. But a higher scorer in GMAT will definitely considered for a merit based MBA scholarship.

You will find many of the inspiring story about the GMAT score success stories. But many of them are true as the applicants who played smart and used their strength to move forward. Many of them prepare their best for getting admission in a good school. To enhance their chances they worked with good MBA admission consultants in India to make their essays, recommendations, resume and interview were super strong.

GMAT is very flexible and helpful for every level of the student so if you are thinking that what will be the next option if you are an Indian with a below avere GMAT score then I would tell you the other options that are:

  • The simplest recommendation for you is that cranks up the GMAT preparation,join the GMAT Club of 700+ scorers, dissect the entire GMAT syllabus and then apply for the better program.
  • The second most option is to join the program that accept the lower GMAT score. But before joining, be assure about all the important factors that will go for and ainst you when you head back into the job market.
  • Before applying anything to anywhere just stop and think and ask yourself – Why MBA? Do you really need the degree to achieve what you want in life? How else can you get what you want?
  • If still you are getting confused then the MBA MAP MBA Profile Evaluation & Application Strategy would give you a solid platform to build your story.

So stop feeling sorry to yourself you are still well than many others or can achieve many things. Get up cause there is very long way to go!


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