All You Need To Know About The SAT Exam Syllabus

For those, who wish to study in the international countries or abroad, then it is important to crack the SAT test to get admission in a reputed college or university. It is an internationally standardized examination that is acquired for admission purposes at colleges located in the USA. This examination offers a yardstick for professional and reputed colleges to compare the abilities and scores of the students to get admission for their wide ranges of programs.  Prior to starting the preparation for this test, it is important to know about the exam pattern and syllabus of the test.

Two types of test

Basically, the test is of 2 types, named as the SAT Reasoning Test or simply SAT and other one is SAT Subjects Test. Remember, both the types follow a different format to assess the knowledge of a candidate. The syllabus of the test needs to be kept in mind by taking a look at the requirements of both the formats. It is important to know that the students, who are in 11 and 12 class, are eligible for this examination. The syllabus of this test is also according to that level. Hence, you can say that this examination is simply based on the different subjects or topics that are learnt in high schools.

The syllabus for different subjects is mentioned below; take a look at it prior to going throughout hard efforts to prepare for it:

SAT Reasoning Test

When it comes to the SAT reasoning test, this part consists of three sub parts. They are: Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The syllabus for these different sections includes the following:

  • Critical reading: In this section, the student needs to be answered for questions based on either long or short reading passe. In this section, the grammar, spelling and the vocabulary part are tested.
  • Writing: In this section, there are multiple choice questions and an essay to examine the ability of a student to compete in the use and grammar. The student must concentrate on enhancing the sentence structures and strategy. A student needs to have a good knowledge of verb reement, subject, parallelism and noun reement. The grammar part also includes use of incorrect comparisons, pronouns, misplaced modifiers, conjunctions and punctuation.
  • Mathematics: This section is comprised of questions based on algebra, arithmetic operations, statistics, geometry, and probability. In spite of this, the syllabus involves median and mode, mean, direct and indirect variation, and ratios. A student also needs to be asked questions based on the combination and permutation, probability, patterns and sequences.

A student is given time of 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the test. These three sections altogether, hold a maximum grade of 2400. Every section assigns scores from 200 to 800. So, prepare carefully, after understanding the exam pattern and syllabus.

SAT Subjects Test

In this test, the questions need to be asked on the basis of particular subjects. An applicant might pick up his or her subject according to his or her interest from various subjects, such as World History, US history, Literature, Math Level 1 and Math Level 2. The duration is 1 hour to complete the test.


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