How to Prepare for the Critical Reasoning Section of GRE?

Critical Reasoning is an important part of the Graduate Record Examination. This part focuses on your analytical skills. If you have been wondering on how to crack the code to the GRE Critical Reasoning Section, do not worry. Here are a few tips that can help you get through this dreaded section with much ease. The key to clearing the critical reasoning section is understanding and comprehending your questions in greater depth. To know more, keep reading on:

  • Identifying Assumptions

Tricky assumption questions are an integral part of the GRE critical reasoning section. You will be given questions that will require you to identify the assumptions in the given statement. To solve such questions, you will first have to identify the premises and the conclusions. The gap between the two is the assumption.

  • Read the question carefully

To understand your premises and conclusions, you will have to first read your question carefully. Take your time to understand which elements point towards the conclusion. By reading the question carefully, you will be able to figure out which type of question it is.

  • Read the argument carefully

The second step would be to read the argument carefully. This will help you figure out the conclusion. Also you can paraphrase the argument, which makes predicting the conclusion much easier.

  • Predict the answer

Now that you have figured out the question type and the argument, predict the answer. In order to do this, it is absolutely essential that you have a clear understanding of what is stated and what is required. Once you have clearly understood the different elements included in the question, you can clearly arrive at an answer.

  • Scan the given options looking for your answer

Now carefully go through the options given to understand where your prediction lies. Scan the options and understand carefully to arrive at the option that indicates the answer that you are trying to arrive at.

The Critical Reasoning section will require you to keep patience. It may seem difficult initially but with enough practice, you will be able to solve these questions much easily. You will have to be careful about the preparatory materials that you choose for yourself. Look at materials that encoure you in predicting the right answers with the right kind of solved problems.

Also, during the preparatory phase you need to ensure that you invest enough time in practicing critical reasoning questions. In case you think that just referring to reference materials isn’t enough for your preparation, you can form study groups or even join a coaching class. Critical reasoning is a section where taking help from a tutor might help. This section will require you to understand the problems in depth and hence seeking help from a tutor might be a good idea. In study groups, you will be able to learn a lot of tricks that can help you get through the critical reasoning section.



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