How to Prepare for GRE Math?

The Graduate Record Entrance Mathematics is something that you definitely would want to spend time preparing. If you thought that formulas and knowing a few theories would help you through the quantitative section of the GRE Math, think ain! Like all competitive examinations, the GRE tests your critical reasoning and analytical skills. In the test, you are not just required to apply formulas and solve a problem simply. What is required is clear comprehension of the question asked and a step by step deduction of the answer to the problem.

Here are a few tips on how you can utilise your time to build best practices in terms of learning for GRE Math

  • Do not rely too much on formulae

The most common mistake that students make while preparing for the quantitative segment is that they rely too much on formulas. As soon as they are given a question for solving, they think of the formula that would help them solve the question easily. This is the wrong approach to problem solving! The first thing that you should do is understand the given question in depth. This saves you a lot of trial and error methods and helps you arrive at the right way to solve the problem. This is particularly needed in a time based test where your time manement skills count the most!

  • Start by solving easy problems first

It may appear juvenile and useless to you at first, given the fact that you already are capable of solving easy problems. However, with this approach, you can warm up your system. Start off with easy problems given in preparatory material and then build on to the ones with medium difficulty. You can also choose random questions from the difficult section to understand if you are ready for them or not! With this approach, you get a better and thorough understanding of concepts.

  • Focus on all concepts

True that some concepts appeal to you better than others! But this should not become a reason for you to ignore other topics. For instance, if you are better at solving algebra, do not spend all your time practicing algebra. If geometry is not a subject of your interest, do not ignore it. All concepts listed down in the curriculum are of equal importance and hence should be given equal attention and time. In fact, practice more on the sums that you are not comfortable with. This will help you with building more confidence in problem solving.

Also, be careful of the preparatory materials that you choose for the examination. You will find books that will make your focus more on formulae or certain sections of math. The important thing that you must understand is that all concepts should be given enough practice. Pick up books and links that encoure you to understand the given problems in depth. This way you can handle trick questions easily without panicking. Most importantly, keep calm and practice well!


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