Prepare Well For The SAT By Knowing The Exam Pattern

Most of the students want to complete their higher studies in abroad nations. This is because they think that the study in these countries is much better than own country in terms of employment, education and academic courses. Irrespective of the reason to go to global countries, it is important to find out the best and reputed college for the academic courses for higher studies. To study in aboard, it is essential to clear the SAT test. It is a standardized entrance examination, designed for those students, who want to study in the USA. The best score on the test is compulsory for those students, who are interested in taking admission in undergraduate programs in the USA.

Things to consider

In order to clear the test, it is important to gather all the possible information about the syllabus, exam pattern and scores, needed for the SAT.  The examination has a set of questions, conditions of admission, curriculum, scoring and many others in a well maintained and structured manner. The standard format of the examination is that it has three different sections on which the score has marked. The scoring scheme, paper structure and the pattern is standard, and it is important to know about them, before starting the preparation for it. The exam is normally held for the reason of granting admissions in different colleges for undergraduate programs in the USA.

It is only the score of the SAT that decides on the thing that whether you might get admission in any college in the USA or not. So, you need to prepare well for the exam. You can take the proper support from the online coaching classes. Home based and private tutors are also available. The first step is to study the materials in the 11th and 12th standard well and perfectly. This is because the syllabus of the SAT examination is based on different subjects that you have taught in the high schools.

Exam pattern

The test is designed to evaluate the skills of logical reasoning and thinking of the applicants. These are only the basis abilities that you take on your schools. These skills are of great importance at the college level also. The reason to conduct this exam is to assess students for their reading, writing and also mathematical abilities. The duration of the examination is 3 hours and 45 minutes. There are two types of SAT test such as SAT subject test and SAT reasoning test.

What is included in the syllabus?

In the SAT reasoning test, there are three different sections on which the skills of the applicants need to be assessed. These three different sections are: critical reading, writing and mathematics. Each section has different formats for syllabus that an applicant must know, prior to starting the prep ration. These sections have scored from 800 to 2400. While on the other hand, the SAT subject test includes the different subjects to be evaluated in the exam. A student, who wants to appear in this exam, must have passed the Class XII from the recognized education board or Indian university.


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