Which is the Right Test for You: GRE or GMAT?

Aspire to pursue a higher degree in a particular subject? You may come across the GRE and GMAT as alternative to apply to world class universities for higher education. So how do you decide which one is better for you? If you are confused on which one would be right for you, read on! Here’s a comparison of both the tests to help you choose the right one for you. The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a popular test that most candidates pursuing a graduate level degree in the US take. The Global Manement Aptitude Test or GMAT is more popular among candidates looking to get an MBA from some of the best business schools in the world.

So depending on what you are looking for, the GRE or GMAT could be the best option. If you want to keep your options wider, the GRE would be the better choice. However, if you are keen on a manement degree, the GMAT is perfect for you.

Here’s a comparison that points out the differences in both the tests:

  • Financials

The GMAT is slightly more expensive than the GRE. You will have to shell out $250 for the GMAT , while $185 is all you need for the GRE. This is particularly significant if you want to retake the test. The difference amounts to about $130 and hence the GRE would be a better option if you think you want to take two shots at the test before starting to apply to schools.

  • Test Content

The test content for GMAT is slightly more difficult as compared to the GRE. GMAT has the Integrated Reasoning section that is a combination of the Verbal section, data interpretation and quantitative analysis. The GRE does not have this section. The math in GMAT is a tad bit more difficult than GRE as maths is essential for business and since the GMAT focuses more on manement colleges, the quantitative section can be a bit challenging.

  • Time Manement

In the GMAT, you cannot skip questions and return to them later. This is because the it is a computer adaptive test and will require you to keep moving on with questions. However, in the GRE, the test is section adaptive and hence you can come back to the questions that you have skipped earlier. This is best for those who have time manement techniques practiced to help them get through the test in lesser time.

  • Options

The GMAT specifically focuses on manement programmes. However, with the GRE you have wider options to choose from. During your course of study, if you want to drop your MBA aspiration and pursue a different subject, a GRE score allows you to do so.

Whichever the test, the decision lies in your hands. You will first have to understand your knowledge and skills to pick out the right test. You can also make a list of all the schools that you want to apply and then understand which scores they take in. Depending on this, you can make the choice for yourself!


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