SAT Exam Pattern And Syllabus

SAT is a standardized test that is preferred by the students who want to study in the United States. The score of the examination is mandatory for all the students who desire to take admission   in the undergraduate courses in the United States. There is a standard format for the examination and it is divided into three major sections.  There is a set examination pattern including scoring, admission, curriculum and questions. The structure of the paper, scheme of scoring and the pattern of the examination are standard and everyone knows about it.

The exam is for the purpose of getting admission in the US undergraduate courses. This examination is extremely important if you are seeking admission in your desired college in the US.  This examination is quite popular all over the world, among the students who wish to study in the US.

Examination pattern for the SAT

This examination is designed to assess the skills of logical reasoning and thinking of the students. These are the skills that are very basic and students acquire them in schools. These are the skills that are highly valued at the colleges. The main purpose of the examination is to evaluate the skills of the students for reading, writing and mathematical skills.

The duration of the examination is three hours forty five minutes. SAT examination is divided into SAT subject and reasoning test. If you are interested in taking admission in the US College on the basis of SAT score then it is not enough. But there are some colleges in the united states that offer admissions on SAT scores.

Syllabus for SAT exam

There are three sections writing, critical reading and mathematics.


In the writing section students will have to go through multiple choice questions and there is essay section that is allocated with twenty five minutes


It consists of three sections and the total time allocated is seventy minutes.

Critical reading

In this section is divided into three subsections. The questions in this section are based on the long and short reading passes. The questions are multiple choice questions. These questions are to evaluate the writing skills of the students.

  • In the critical reading section there are total 67 number of questions
  • In mathematics there are 54 questions and
  • In writing English there are 46 multiple choice questions

Total questions are 170 multiple choice and maximum marks are 2400 (800 for each section). Total time provided in all the three sections is 200 minutes.

Eligibility for the examination

Students can paper for the examination after passing out XII from recognized universities or can also take the examination while studying in the XII and X.  Your scores will also let you choose the college that you want to take admission is. Thus, it is important that you don’t take this examination lightly. Students can repaper for the examination.

There are SAT tutors available from where students can get help in preparing for the examination. They are available both online and offline. On the internet, you can also find plenty of practicing stuff.


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