The secrets of Sentence Correction Experts and its benefit on GMAT

In everyday conversations, we usually make many errors which are very common. But, if you have the command of minimizing the inaccuracy , it will boost up your GMAT score which will be certainly commendable.

The top quality example is reffered from an all-staff email which was mailed this week at Verita Prep headquaters. The email was on the subject of the program calender concerning hliday vacation. The email was-

“With pumpkin spice season nearing its apex, it’s…” as this beginning part consist of a ‘it’s’ after the comma, many staffs mentioned that it made them nervous. It should be grammatically correct but the sentence made them uneasy. It is because there was a ‘it’s’(which means it is) in the sentence structure rather it should be ‘its’.

The intention of the mail was made quite clear soon after by mentioneing “it is” (…”it’s time to start making holiday vacation plans.”), however many Sentence Correction Specialists were also confused by just witnessing that contraction “it’s”.

Talking about demonstrating a correction in sentences, you should know that It’s very positive if you want to look forward towards your common errors. It’s better than that of doing nothing and repeating them in the future. The triumphants in the sector of sentence correction state that they always look for the possible mistakes which can lower their expertise. By this, they constantly continue the enthusiasm of well structured and gramatically correct sentences through these conclusive points.

For example,  Here is an introduction given below.


Particularly for a leadership or manement role, it is important that a candidate be both…

For the correction procedures, your feeling and mind, both should be sharp enough to identify the equivalent symmetric structure which are “both X and Y” of a sentence. Next, You should be intensely concious about the word “be” which is before the word “both”, it means possibly “be” here is an irrelevant word.



(A) qualified to perform the duties of most subordinates and able to inspire subordinates to perform those duties at a higher level.




(B) qualified to perform the duties of most subordinates and be able to inspire subordinates to perform those duties at a higher level.

At the same time, grammatical problem is very essential to look upon. Proficiency and accurate knowledge can be achieved by bringing your center of attention and spreading out your intellectual power on grammar. Signs or indications are elements of experts, by which they can analyze each and every word they are saying or writing,. So, they prepare themselves in the way so that they will find those clues. Those clues are mostly connected with the errors we make.


Signs of parallel structure: both, either, neither, not only

Signs of verb tense: since, from, until

Signs of pronoun or subject or verb reement: it, they, its, their


To spot the above signs, you have to wait and pay full attention to the structure as well as grammar of a sentence. By this, you can identify an answer choice whether it is right or wrong.



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