How to solve comprehensive type questions without wasting much time on competitive exams like GMAT.

People have a tendency to waste time on reading comprehension type questions rather than any other questions on the GMAT. In the comprehensive question type, though the passe may be discussed on many facts but usually, each question is asked about one specific thing. To answer these questions, you may not have to know everything but need to know about the information that is being asked in the question set.The questions were asked in the GMAT comprehensive test with “WHY” is more interesting than the question asked by “What”. The first and foremost thing to do is to read nearby sentences while answering to these type of questions as it gives you a clear idea about what has been asked for? Most of the time the situations are often providing the outline for the passe and help to explain it in a broad way.Let’s have a look into an example for better understanding:-

Approximately all the workers of the Lowell textile mills of Massachusetts were bachelor daughters belongs to farming families among them some of were at an e of ten. As compared to other factories of that time, the Lowell mills were clean and safe, providingshelters to live, quality foodand journals written by the workers, which became known to the New England later on.Ironically, it brings the dissatisfaction with the working conditions to the Lowell Mills (the first organization having working women). Later on the mills were highly industrialized and were well thought-out as a model of competence by others in the textile industry due to which work load increases. When the wes get cut, the factory workers organized an association called Factory Girls Association and decide to leave the job. The ability of the women to demand were severely restricted, causes a failure to go for long without wes.

The same goes for the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association (LFLRA), established in 1844. When the New England Labor Reform leue was established, three of the eight board members were women. Though the Lowell mills workers didn’t get anything much for themselves but their efforts lead many other workers to achieve better rights.

From the above clearly describes the female workers rights and raised voices for their conditions. In the end their efforts changes many workers life. Now let’s have a look on to the questions:-

  1. The author uses the word “Ironically” in the 1st parraph to indicate that
  • None of the people who ran the Lowell Mills expected that the workers would organize to express dissatisfaction with working conditions.
  • The women who worked at the Lowell Mills did not realize how fortunate they were to work at such a place.
  • It could be considered surprising that an early effort to demand better working conditions began in an environment that was especially designed to promote worker satisfaction.
  • The people who created the working environment for the women at the Lowell Mills didn’t really understand what it was they needed.
  • It was unusual for women workers of the time to organize, regardless of their work environment.

The question asked about a specific word in the 1st parraph for that you have to go through the 1st parraph entirely. There is a connection between the sorts of the slave labor textile mills and the fact that is revolved by the people. The connection is that it is ironic that strike would begin here as everything was designed for worker’s satisfaction. It is our prediction and one of the given choices will collide with it for getting the right answer. The 1st choice is giving clear indication about the organizer’s expectations which results it incorrect. The 2nd choice gives the idea about long hour work but at low wes, results incorrect choice. The 3rd choice is giving the clear idea and also matches our prediction so this will be the correct answer to the question. Now, no need to go further.

Likewise if you read the question and find the relevant parraph to answer it then there is no need of reading a full comprehensive passe and you’ll be able to save some more time.


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