STEM Unit: KaZoon Kites / Simple and Powered

Science Concepts

Air – Air is an earth element that the general name is the combined mixture of gases that fields the atmosphere of the earth, the air is composed primarily with nitrogen with 78%, oxygen 78%, argon .9%, carbon dioxide .4%, and water vapor is a variable and many more.

Physical and Chemical changes – The difference between the two is the chemical change happens as a result of reaction of chemicals like burning, rotting, rusting. While physical change happens when the Physical appearance changed but not the chemical state like melting, vaporization, condensation, sublimation freezing.

Synthetic Fibers and Plastics – There are Types of Fibers for example is natural Fibers which we could get from animals and plants like wool, silk, cotton, jute and many more. Synthetic fiber which are made by human or called man-made like acrylic, nylon and many more. Aesthetic fiber that are from combination of multiple units of a chemical substance.

Measurement – In the basic definition, the measurement is the act of determining and estimating the quantity ratios, well, the measure and quantity are both related to each other for quantities attributes are the ones that is defined to be possibly measured.

Understanding Motion – In terms of physics, motion stands for the changing position of an object but with object respect within the surroundings in time interval. Mathematically, motion is a term described in displacement, acceleration, distance, speed, displacement, and time.

Technology Concepts

Attributes of Design – Attribute deign is a term in technology where they are all about cost and demand for models. Perceptual attributes are recommendation that influences people opinion/ judgement in object qualities regarding safety and weight.

Structures – Structures – are basically planned outputs, types of Structures – Technology Integrated Project. Examples of frame structure is communication and tower cranes. These specific cranes are built from joined together bars in order to form framework.

Historical Perspectives – Historical perspectives is an act of comprehending between people in the past and people whose alive and in the present. It is also an art of understanding people mindset in historical perspectives.

Design Processes – Design processes, are process by means of studying the project at the same time taking steps to correct the wrongs such as evaluation, researching designing and re-designing, maintenance and a solution if there’s a problem.

Modelling – Modelling is the act of designing and manufacturing in terms of engineering which you are creating a product that is either needed or wanted by people. The System modelling is making unique ideas to communicate accordingly to customers.

Engineering Concepts

Problem Solving – Problem solving is scientific method that is applied in engineering where you find the answer to a problem or a solution to an equation. The solution maybe in terms of a project, a new or old method and etc.

Materials Strength – In terms of mechanics, the materials’ strength must have ability to withstand loads without a failure. The strength of materials deals many circumstances in order to survive/ pass from deformation and to have quality durability.

Technological Design – Technological design, are combination of technical and engineering design to create a solution to a problem.

Design Processes – The engineering design process is steps that an engineer must follow to create a good solution to a problem. Most of the time, solutions that they making are based designing products that need to meet criteria and accomplish tasks.

Modelling – Modelling is the act of designing and manufacturing in terms of engineering which you are creating a product that is either needed or wanted by people. The System modelling is making unique ideas to communicate accordingly to customers.

Historical Perspectives – A pool of variables was created based on the references that were derived from following three main resources

Math Concepts

2 D and 3 D Shapes – The difference between the two is two-dimensional shape have two measurement and that are length and height, for example of 2D shapes are square, triangle and circle. While three dimensional has 3 measurements and that are width, height, and length.

Area, Perimeter – The difference between the two is the perimeter refers to the outline length of a shape/ figure while the area refers to the surface.

Measuring Angles Congruency – It is done to determine congruent angles by using a protractor or a manmade arc that indicates angles measurement.

Surface Area – Surface Area. The total area of the 3D object surface.

Volume – In terms of math volume is the space amount measurement in solid objects like ball, cube, cylinder, pyramid and etc. The volume units are all cube where elements are fit together inside.

Mensuration – Mensuration is a term in mathematics that all about the geometric shape study also the area, volume, and its parameters.

Rational Numbers – Rational numbers is a term in mathematics where it deals with any numbers that can expressed as fraction or quotient in the two integers and a non-zero denominator, remember that irrational numbers quotient will be repeated.

Life Skills / Career Links Concepts

Aeronautical Engineering – Aeronautical engineering deals with electronics on the side of engineering aerospace. Aerospace engineering is the field all about developing aircraft and spacecraft. The two branches are astronautical and aeronautical engineering.

Civil Engineering – Civil engineering is a work for a professional concerned about designing, constructing, maintaining, building environment and they do public works like canal. Roads, bridges, buildings, pipeline, railways and etc. They always deal with the physical environment. Also, they have such intellects when it comes to solving and critical thinking for, they need it at work.

Mechanics – Mechanics dealt with science concerning about the physical body when it comes to displacements and forces.

Decision Making Skills – Decision making is the primary key in being a leader and it is essentially important because it will be use in picking the right person, the right and needed answer, and it is also a strategy to pursue you own perspective.

Healthy Competitions – It is a competition created to show everyone the right and healthy kind of competition, it is a competition between competitors that the winner will be rewarded and you’ll tend to give an honest opinion to make the competitors accept and learn from the play.


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