STEM Unit: Mlev / Balsa Glider / Investigating Optics

Science Concepts

Mnetism – Mnetism is one of the terms in science that is causing a phenomenon where an object can be attracted or repelled due to force of mnet.

Space – Space is one of the terms in that is always three-dimensional extent to where the object is being parted to the events and positions and the term space also have something to do with four-dimensional object called space time.

Force and Motion – Force and motion these two factors are the concept of a so called “move”, Once you made a move then you do create a motion and the force is the excess energy towards an object.

Center of Gravity / Pressure – Center of gravity / pressure, occurs when a move was done because the pressure is exerted and so as the center of the gravity.

Aerodynamics – Aerodynamics is a study between solid material and gas interacting with each other.

Energy Transformations – Energy transformations, are process of conversion of energy for example chemical to kinetic, potential to mechanical.

Measurement understanding Motion – Measurement understanding motion refers to “momentum” which is associated with measuring the motion and it is so essential to understand it defines the everyday practices.

Technology Concepts

Design Processes – Design processes, are process by means of studying the project at the same time taking steps to correct the wrongs such as evaluation, researching designing and re-designing, maintenance and a solution if there’s a problem.

Social Perspectives – The 3 major perspective of sociology are functionalist, interactionist and also conflict.

Friction Reduction – an act reducing the friction by making rough surface smooth and smooth surface rough.

Problem Solving – Is a process of thinking and processing a solution to have more fundamental skills while searching or working for an answer/solution.

Construction Techniques –a process of building and designing with advance knowledge in construction. For example, is architecture.

Materials Science – These are the materials needed like paper, metals, ceramics, plastic, woods that are technically have different properties which can lead to new experimented ideas/ new applications.

Historical Perspectives –an act of comprehending between people in the past and people whose alive and in the present. It is also an art of understanding people mindset in historical perspectives.

Engineering Concepts

Problem Solving –is scientific method that is applied in engineering where you find the answer to a problem or a solution to an equation. The solution maybe in terms of a project, a new or old method and etc.

Modelling – is the act of designing and manufacturing in terms of engineering which you are creating a product that is either needed or wanted by people. The System modelling is making unique ideas to communicate accordingly to customers.

Technological Design –combination of technical and engineering design to create a solution to a problem.

Scale and Structure –these are under the study of engineering where one must be trained to be balance in order to understand/ comprehend and calculate the stability of a work (structures) or buildings.

Maths Concepts

Integers Measuring Time – Integers measuring time is a dimensional term where in you tend to measure time, lapse and intervals. An Integer is a basically whole number that shows a positive or negative value.

Using Formulas – Using a formula is essential because if not for rules it is also a guide and it can make a difficult equation easy to understand.

Proportions – Proportions work through Balancing through using cross in problems. By computing it we must multiply means and extremes.

Ratios – Surface area are multiplying or dividing different terms by means of non-zero number will eventually give an outcome of equal ratio.

Surface Area – Surface area is the added total area of an object or space. Or rather the place around an object measured.

Measurements – Measurements, Unit of measurements like Length and width is measured in meters, centimeters, millimeters, centimeter.

Geometric Shapes – Geometric shapes are geometric figures that shows orientation in means of triangles, square, circle, pentons, decons, ellipse and many more.

Symmetry – Symmetry is the art of flipping, sliding and turning, there is actually two main symmetry which are Rotational and Point Symmetry.

Algebra – Algebra is one of the terms in mathematics is associated in signs, symbols, function, relations, equation and in showing numbers through variables.

Fractions – Fractions are basic term in math where it is in the middle of 1 and 0. Also the parts or fraction are numerator and denominator.

Life Skills / Career Links

Aerospace – Aerospace are employed workers that the job is to build aircrafts, national defenses and space crafts. They work for enging, manufacturing and maning analysis and design, developing and researching is also their responsibilities.

Aeronautical Engineering – Aeronautical engineering, they are responsible for designing, manufacturing, maintaining and modifying military and civil aircraft, aeronautical system and etc.

Meteorology – Meteorology is the study of atmosphere where the mainly focus is on the weather and forecast. They are the one whose observing for meteorological that is defined as phenomenon that can explain by science.

Atmospheric Science – Atmospheric science is a study in atmosphere where they process on the effects of the other system the atmosphere has.

Critical Thinking – Critical thinking, are mainly about understanding critically before forming a judgement, are usually form by facts but there are different kinds of Critical thinking evidences and structures such as skeptical, rational, evaluation of factual and evidence unbiased analysis.

Photonics – Photonics is a study in physical science where in t focuses on light generation, manipulation, detection, amplification, switching, sensing, transmission, modulation and emission.

Social Communication – Social communication are langue form from social contexts and emphasizing social interaction, prmatics, langue processing and social cognition.

Assessments – There are different kind of assessment such as formative assessment holds up a dinostic assessment. Dinostic assessment which are for measuring the knowledge of a student or either a normal person. And lastly is self-assessment where they are testing/ assessing themselves as a person.


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