STEM Unit: Parachutes / Simple and Powered / Machines / Robotics and Programming

Science Concepts

Gravitation – Gravitation refers to the earth general theory which is gravity, gravitation means of pulling object toward each other by an invisible force and it is keeping us on the ground so that we will not fall, the scientist Mr. Albert Einstein said that there is a space curve that keeping objects wrap around which is Gravity.

Kinematics – Kinematics refers to a term in science that belongs to the branch of classical mechanicals, it is all about body motions, like motion points and system of bodies. It is doing something without considering excessing the force to create a motion.

Observation and Data – Observation and data, These are the two words that is very important to data scientists, they often use the four terms; value, data point, measurement, value, data point and observation as they create communication with each other, observation and data are very important and highly delicate because it ensures the fact and analysis on a project, person, idea or even event.

Work, Energy, Power – Work, energy, power, it is a measure of network done on the object. These three major key words are the main essential and simplest concept of mechanical work where you excess force such energy and power to make a work. For example, is pushing an object and making it move.

Sound – sound, it is a term in physics where the sound itself is a vibration that creates wave and the product is pressure. Referring to psychology and physiology the sound is a functioned aspect where the waves are being transfer from an object to the brain of a living thing such as person or animal.

Technology Concepts

Design Processes – design processes are a term in technology where you are following a process where you are finding a solution to a specific or not specific problem in the research. They tend to research, design, build and they do evaluation of a prototype then troubleshoot and redesign. The last thing to do was to communicate the solution.

Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting is a term in technology aspect where you will tend to refer from a problem-solving system where you’ll find a solution for a need to repair system and failed cases. Troubleshooting is actually searching for the error in the system or symptoms in order to solve it, to make the system/ product work ain.

Historical Perspectives – Historical perspectives refers to the knowledge advancements with the historical aspects to see different viewpoints in order to contribute and apply it in Technical and scientifically terms.

Engineering Concepts

Problem Solving – Problem solving is all about dealing with a problem and making solutions for it. It is a critical thinking where you are searching for effective solutions, Engineers most like have the unique set of solutions and most of the time they have more than one. They have a goal and that is to be resourceful and practical for the solution that they will apply.

Safety Engineering – Safety engineering is an act in engineering where in the engineers use disciple in order to create engineer created systems that provide a satisfactory level of safety. Safety engineering is said to be connected to industrial/system engineering, and subset system of safety engineering.

Technological Design – technological design, Design technology is a term that refers to developing, application, implementing, supporting and maning computer and non-computer-based systems for expressing the essential in communication on product design intention and construction. Technological design is also primarily to solve a problem with unique ideas and creative designs.

Math Concepts

Algebra – Algebra is one of the terms in mathematics is associated in signs, symbols, function, relations, equation and in showing numbers through variables where it represents quantities without showing values commonly known as variables.

Circular Area – Circular area refers to the area of a circle. In finding the circle’s area, the formula is π⋅r2 where r stands for radius and pie is 3.14.

Radius – Radius is the term uses in the line segment in the circle coming from center to the perimeter, and in modern they also called and uses it as a strength.

Ratios – Ratios, surface area are multiplying or dividing different terms by means of non-zero number will eventually give an outcome of equal ratio. Also, ratio is related between the relationship of height and width.

Geometric Shapes – Geometric shapes are geometric figures that shows orientation in means of triangles, square, circle, pentons, hexon, penton, nonon, decons, ellipse, oval figures and many more. Geometric shapes are basic standard figures made by points and lines.

Area of Plane Figures and Solid Shapes – area of plane figures and solid shapes, in mathematics, the unit of the square that is known to have one area, and the area of other shape that are dimensionless and known as real numbers, simple figures like triangles, circles and rectangles have well known formulas. The SI base units are 1m2 and SI unit of square meter.

Life Skills / Career Links Concepts

Aerospace – Aerospace are employed workers that the job is to build aircrafts, national defenses and space crafts. They work for enging, manufacturing and maning analysis and design, developing and researching is also their responsibilities.

Robotic Engineering – Robotics Engineering is a branch on electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, they are responsible for creating robotics system functioning from critic level of thinking that is called robotic engineer.

Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical engineering is a term in engineering and science where the responsible applies math, physics, engineer and joined by the principle of science like designing, analyzing, manufacturing, maintaining mechanical systems. It is a term in engineering means of showing discipline.

CAD – (CAD), Computer-aided design is using of technology in order to show creativity, modification, analysis and optimizing the design. CAD is a software used by the designers where they increase the productivity and to improve the quality and communication with the use of documentation and lastly to create a manufacturer database.


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