STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM Robotics and basic programming aim at boosting a student’s or a person’s knowledge and gain abilities in different fields in order to deal with life situations. The STEM Robotics Foundation is a Curriculum that enhances the stem and Robotics. This Curriculum aids in enhancing/improving a student’s approach towards Technology, Math, Science, and Engineering. The Basic Programming course aids the student to be equipped with the basic ideas of robotics and programming which is very achievable through the good spirit in teamwork.

The STEM Robotics Foundation Curriculum enables the Student to be open minded through the integration of the normal school curriculum with one of STEM Robotic and Programming. In the Current World, a student requires an extra added curriculum that helps to widen the thinking capacity, gain skills that they can apply in normal life situations such as in Using computers, solving statistics and mathematical problems, solve calculus problems and be able to draw clear and distinctive drawings and have life skills that enable them to be able to solve problems and make decisions in their lives.

The Integration of the STEM Robotics and basic programming curriculum in the Education system aids in a variety of ways. There are concepts under applied sciences, mathematics, Technology, engineering, and life skills that students learn, test practically, observe them and gain knowledge of the open and competent world.

Competence, thriving, need for success are what people require in the current world we live in. Competence is a worldwide game that each and every student has to gain skills to tackle the harsh and high population in the working sector as well as in social contexts. Being competent does not necessarily mean that one has made it. Owning a Certificate or a Degree in a certain course does not really label you as a competent being. Knowing how to handle a given task and doing it to your perfection is what matters. Nowadays, you find that students have a mentality that all you need is passing all subjects, get the papers and head to the Employment world. Well, reality checks do hit on them because they have been blinded by the grades on their papers. Degrees and Certificate are not a sure bet that you are a competent student. It only labels you as a student who attended school. What matters is what knowledge you gained from the subjects. In order to solve the problem of incompetence by students, STEM Robotics Foundation and Basic programming curriculum bring the best four important aspects that are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to help the students have skills to tackle the tasks in the employment sector.

Integration of the STEM Robotic Foundation Curriculum in Education System aims at combining the disciplines of Science, Maths, Technology, and Engineering. Mathematics deals with statistics logarithms incorporate the basic things a person faces daily. Mathematics is a crucial subject and a brain booster for all students that enables them to keenly and critically think in order to solve a given mathematical problem. Science is like a human being’s body, with it student is equipped with skills in paying close attention when doing experiments in the laboratories, observation and data analysis. Technology, on the other hand, defines the advanced world we live in. The development of technology gives a student the urge to know how to be computer literate to enable him/her to successfully operate technological devices such as computers.

As the Acronym STEM states Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, there exist concepts under these epic disciplines. In this article, we are going to discuss on those crucial concepts that a student requires for survival.


Animal Life

Animals have specific and unique characteristics wants and how they should be treated. The course of Veterinary can clearly explain animal life such as the cure, treatment, the diseases that are likely to affect the animals.


In science, animals and human beings have the capability to adapt to new environmental conditions such as dry, wet and moist areas. This shows the student that adaptation is a person’s obligation in order to feel at ease and comfortable in one’s new surroundings.

Types of Forces

In the school Curriculum most especially in physics we have learned about Forces search as Inertia, gravity among others. These forces are very important in understanding the innate cause of the movement of objects or why they can be able to change in velocity and distance.


This STEM project equips ones with the ability to be able to learn various concepts in science through imitation, observation, and reinforcements. This helps the student to keenly observe how the teacher is doing experiments in class and be able to apply the same procedures.

Data Collection and Analysis

Science generally entails gathering and analyzing data. The data that is recorded in an experiment has to be noted down carefully analyzed before any conclusions are made. This helps a student to have skills in data collection, analysis, and drawing concrete conclusions.



This includes the 3-D Model which is a portrays the real world. Its an imitation of the Actual world we live in. This makes a student think outside the box and imes the Actual world.

Design Processes

A straw structure requires to be designed appropriately which helps to show one’ s aim of success in life. The design structures should be built in a stable position without wavering. This shows that a person can have a design or plan on how to handle things and problems facing him/her.

Historical Perspectives

The technology dates way back in times thus it has a history, for example, the formation of Rockets for space exploration in the early 19s and 20s. This goes way back and reveals the history of Technology.


This STEM project aids a person with the ability to construct and apply the skills in Engineering as well. Constructive techniques in construction have to be put in mind such as having a helmet and putting on gloves etc.


Technological Design

Projects in Engineering such as the use of biometric devices that are used in the detection of people’s identity in constructed buildings and elections shows that Technological designs are crucial in Engineering.

Design Aesthetics

Aesthetics simply means beauty. This helps the Engineer to have a clear picture of the beauty of a road or building when he/she draws the construction plan.

Destructive testing

In Engineering, there is testing of tools, machines to measure and track their efficiency in the work entailed for them. This testing can be destructive to human, animals, and water.

Data Analysis

This STEM project shows that just as in Science, data is also collected and analyzed by an engineer before the Construction of a building or a road before they begin the job.

Cooperative Problem Solving

In Engineering, an engineer has an obligation to have a clear knowledge to solve a given problem that may arise or may affect the people around the construction site, mines or roads.


Geometric Shapes

Geometry is all about shapes and how to construct and draw shapes such as a rectangle, circle, and square. It also helps in the dissection of lines or a rectangle which helps a student to be observant and accurate.

Application of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

In mathematics, there exist four main foundations of mathematics this is addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This helps a student to apply appropriately in solving mathematical problems.


Mathematics requires efficiency. A person has to believe that the sum they are calculating is being tackled well.


This involves the dissection of a line or a shape in two similar divisions. This helps equip a person with the ability to balance life.



Having knowledge in working with a computer is very crucial. Illiteracy in computing affects one’s capability of gaining information and research.

Environmental Science

The environment refers to a person’s surrounding. Life skills help one acquire qualities that can help him/her in caring for the environment.

Social Responsibility

Each individual belongs in a particular social context whether at school, home or even at a devotional place. This gives one an open mind that they to behave well with others and be responsible in society.

Health Problems

Health focuses on the body. Life skills enhance healthy living where one has no emotional or personal problems especially when it comes to the type of food one consumes.

In summary, STEM is what a person requires to face any challenges and to solve problems as well as make meaningful decisions.

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