STEM UNIT: SunEzoon/ Robotics and Programming and Investigation of Electricity

The incorporation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) into the school curriculum aims at equipping a student with extracurricular skills such as life skills, solving mathematical problems and having an enged mine in operating technological devices such as computers and data analysis in Science. Robotics Programming is what any education system can adapt and with its implementation then the students have a variety of abilities and knowledge to handle the outside competent world. In this article, we are going to extensively discuss a SunEzoon, Robotics, and Programming as well as Investigation in Electricity.

SunEzoon’s main objective is to use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in manufacturing solar devices and cars. SunEzoon also has placed the Education system in mind where students in schools are taught the importance of Solar system to the environment and to the people. Investigation in Electricity has also been made possible by SunEzoon’s application of STEM in the education curriculum. Students in Middle and High School get the time to learn about Electricity and go through the Robotics and Programming.

SunEzoon has improved the student’s wisdom in solar and electrical issues. Electricity is very important in a place or institution. Just as much as we use Solar Energy during the day and night, similarly we require electricity. STEM Robotics and programming curriculum aids to deliver the actual and practical knowledge on how to generate Electricity, the amount of Electric current to be generated as well as the effects of misusing electricity. SunEzoon deals mainly with solar. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and its naturally generated through the sun. SunEzoon has the capability and tools to teach middle and high school students to learn about Solar and how its able to be used in order lighting due to its fewer effects and harm on people.

SunEzoon as the term sun suggests typically applies Solar energy in its products. Solar energy with the use of solar panels and other devices that can directly or indirectly generate the energy from the is very crucial in any homestead or school. Solar panels have the capacity to hold electricity for a long time required that there is Sun hence one can generate the energy at the same time using it. SunEzoon has gone to the extent of manufacturing cars that rely on Solar for locomotion. This shows how SunEzzon with the help of STEM Foundation has advanced its work in improving the Education system for middle and high school students.

Investigating electricity requires STEM to accomplish all the experimentation, wiring and making electric devices. Generation of electricity requires a lot of manual and brain work. Just like an engineer, electric generation will need a Student to be sharp, critically think and be able to solve the mathematical problems that come with electric connections such as Calculus. Hence in order for STEM and SunEzoon to make this accomplishment, it has a variety of concepts under Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Thus, for a person construct an impeccable straw structure in the investigation of Electricity by applying STEM, one will require the following:


Motion and Measurement of Distances

In scientific experiments and subjects, motion and measurement of distances are crucial concepts to be studied. This helps a student to be familiar with the units of measurements and how motion can be calculated. This is important even in the application of the knowledge acquired in the connection and generation when conducting investigations in Electricity.

Electricity Circuits

In the process of Electric Connection, a person needs circuits and means to transfer the electric current swiftly. For a better flow of current, there are things one require such as sockets, circuits, cables, and wires.

Electricity Production

Production of Electricity requires a person who is equipped and sharp to understand how to generate electricity.

Alternative Energies

In the project of investigating the production of electricity, there exist alternative energies such as the use of Wind and Sun to generate electricity. There is even coal that can be used as alternative energy.

Exploring Forces

Electricity production aims at exploring the required forces such as gravity and how they are able to affect electric current. This enables a student to be able to identify the forces that can hinder electricity production.


A sound in Electricity production is a crucial factor to put in consideration. A person has to know how sound travels and at which velocity it can travel given a given amount of current.



Technology deals with devices, machines, and systems that use electricity. These systems enable a student to have skills and ideas on how to operate technological devices.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a thing each and every individual has to have the ability to face it. In case of a problem, a student must know how to find possible solutions to solve the problem, for example, troubleshooting a crashed computer.

Social Impacts

Technology has generally affected the social nature of human beings. It has made impacts that have positively and negatively affected people.

Energy Conservation

In the production of energy, Technological knowledge is required to aid in energy conservation. There exist technologically designed devices that can help in reducing the excessive flow of current.

Environmental Perspective

The process of energy production is long and thus has to put into consideration the effects it can impact on the environment. Excessive energy production can be harmful to the environment. This helps the student to know the cons and pros of electricity to the environment.


Technological Design

Data Analysis and Prediction

This STEM project aims at enging the student in experimental knowledge, gathering and data analysis as well as having an open mind to make a prediction in certain circumstances.

Electric Power

Engineering mostly involves the connection of electricity and its generation. Electric power requires a unique and valid process of Electricity production.

Problem Solving

In engineering, any problem can come up during the generation of electricity. Here is where the Straw Structure comes in to help solve the technical or mechanical problem such as poor electric flow.


This can be attained through observation or imitation. STEM helps in enabling a student to learn engineering and mechanical problems through modeling.


Number System

Mathematical knowledge contains numbers that have to be manipulated in order to reach an appropriate solution to a problem. For example, a system to solve logarithm and statistical problems.


Math concepts quite include ratios in the sum to be solved. Ratios are very simple and easy to manipulate hence equipped a student with the ability to solve the mathematical problem.

Graphing Data

In mathematics, data that is collected is converted into small numbers that can fit in a graph when plotted. One has to put in mind the Independent and dependent variables.

Measurement Proportions

Mathematical problems use measurements to estimate distances, velocity, etc. Hence these measurement proportions are important.

Data Analysis

In math, data is collected, thereafter it has to be critically analyzed and conclusions to be drawn.


This is a STEM project that use plans and ideas through the help of formulas to solve mathematical and life problems. For example, a student requires formulas to solve mathematical concepts that aid in calculating forces and measuring distances.


Decimals are mostly used in mathematics in between numbers that are in a fraction way. Using decimals thus shows a student how to manipulate numbers and calculations in life as well as applying it in the generation of electricity.



Life skills teach students how to do research and come up with new ideas better than those that exist. This is as important as in the generation of electricity. New minds and new innovations will increase energy production.

Robotic Engineering

This STEM project is aimed at explaining how to design robots using the knowledge of straw construction. Nowadays, most engineers build robots that imitate an actual human being.

Social Responsibility

In a social context, a person has to learn how to be responsible in a given society. One has to put in mind on how to interact and relate with others as well as caring for the Environment.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a broad project of STEM that has to incorporate all the concepts of STEM. Things like the connection of electricity using wires require knowledge in electrical engineering.

Environmental Science

This STEM project aims at discussing the importance of caring for the environment such as the abolition of tree cutting and using non-biodegradable materials such as polythene bs.


These are cells that are used in the energy generation by solar panels and other devices that require energy from the Sun.

In conclusion, Solar and Electricity production is crucial factors that a person requires in life. Hence, one to be open-minded he/ she should use STEM concepts to make the generation of electricity a success.

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