Tips for Preparing For GRE

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a competitive examination that allows you to apply to graduate programmes in some of the best colleges around the world. The GRE is designed to test the general ability of a candidate through questions on critical reasoning and analytical abilities. A GRE score can get into some very respected universities and help you get a degree that boost your chances at good jobs and better paychecks. So what is it that you need to prepare in order to get through the GRE. Here are a few tips that can make the walk to a great GRE score easier!

  • Understand the pattern of the exam

Before you register for the examination, first understand the pattern of the examination. The test comprises of three sections – Analytical Writing, Quantitative and Verbal. The Analytical Writing will require you to write two different essays. One of these essays will ask you to state your opinion in favour or ainst an issue. The second essay will be on justifying your opinion. You can get sample questions on Analytical Writing on the official GRE website. The Quantitative section will test your math skills in arithmetic, geometry, algebra and data analysis. The Reading section, like in most competitive examinations, will test your reading, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

  • Design An Effective Study Programme

You can pick a study plan that is convenient to you. You can do the preparation yourself with reference materials or join a coaching class in order to crack GRE. The ideal time to start preparation for GRE is to start between 4 to 12 weeks prior to the examination. You can also use comprehensive study guides published by reputed tutoring encies. The key to succeeding is sticking to your study plan and dedicating the right amount of time for preparation.

  • Try out physical and mental workouts

Burying yourself in books isn’t the right solution. You will also have to keep your physical self fit. Make sure your body gets enough work out, keeping in mind that fact that you are dedicating a large amount of time to studying. For mental workouts, try games such as Sudoku to keep your mind sharp and active.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice

Practicing and working out on as many problems as you can get your hands on can help you score really well in GMAT. Especially, if you think you need some more practice in the Quantitative segment. If you are someone who has passed out of school or college a long time o, then a lot of practice and hard work could help you excel in the subjects required for GMAT.

Besides following these tips, it is essential that you keep yourself calm and patient. There will be times when you will find the problems difficult to solve or even lost. But do not give in to frustration. Relax and keep working till you get the solutions. Hard work and patience are vital to success in competitive examinations and the GRE is no different!



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