Tips for Time Manement for GMAT

Time Manement is an essential skill for cracking the GMAT. However much effort you put in or spend time practicing, it is all futile if you haven’t the time manement skill yet. The GMAT is a time based test and questions will start flashing before your eyes on the computer screen as you take the test. The worst part of the GMAT is not being able to take the whole test. Candidates should ideally be spending just about 2 minutes on each question so that they get a chance to attempt all the questions asked at the test.

Here are a few tips for time manement. You can use these tips to train yourself by practicing these during your preparatory phase:

  • Do not panic

The GMAT will require you to attend to a variety of questions, specifically in the Quantitative Section, which have been taken from different math concepts. The trick here is to save time on the concepts you already know and use them on the section that need more attention. If you want to divide time to create a mental note, you can place it as 12 questions solved when 50 minutes left, 25 questions solved when 25 minutes left and 33 questions solved when one minute left. Do not panic and rush through questions in order to follow the time position. You want to give your best shot at the test and hence stay attentive, positive and focussed.

Start practicing with this timeline and take a few mock tests to understand where you are standing in terms of pacing.

  • Use timesaving techniques such as plugging and back solving

Learn to use timesaving techniques such as plugging and back solving to ensure that you save enough time. You can also use these techniques to check your results. You may feel the pressure of staying on time with the questions. However, refrain from rushing past the questions. Read carefully, clearly understand and then attempt the question. This is a skill that you will have to build up in the preparatory phase.

  • Hitting a hard question

Hitting hard questions are the first indication that you are on the right track and closer to the top. With each question, you are required to use your skill of time manement to figure out the right answer and move on to the next question. In case you cannot work out the answer, do not spend more than three minutes on a question you do not know. Move on to the next question!

The key to mastering the skill of time manement is to practice at home as much as you can. As you take mock tests, you can set up a timer and make yourself practice on sticking to the time positions you have just understood. It may feel frustrating and impossible in the beginning; however, with practice you will be able to get a hang of it. Keep your patience and practice well!


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