Tips and Tricks for Cracking SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is one of the most popular tests for students seeking admissions to graduate programmes in leading universities and college departments in the US. The test examines the critical reasoning and analytical abilities of a student. If you are planning to take the test in the near future, you must have spent hours and days preparing for it. Scouring through preparatory material, dedicating hours of practice and revising lessons, you must have invested a lot of your time and energy in the preparatory phase. If you are getting pre-examination jitters, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you beat the fear during the examination:

  • Read a lot to beat the vocabulary section

To beat the vocabulary section in the GMAT, it is important that you read a lot. Reading will enrich your vocabulary. With a better and stronger vocabulary, you will be able to get through the reading comprehension section more easily. Also, with a bigger word bank, you can write better and more sophisticated essays that will fetch you better marks.

  • Focus on grammar and punctuation

Grammar and punctuation are essential if you want your essays to make an impact. If you are good at both, you would still want to brush up your knowledge before you appear for the test. If you think you need some more time preparing for it, sit down with your grammar books and rebuild your knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

  • Highlight points during reading comprehension

As you go through the reading comprehension parraph, highlight the points that you think will lead to answers. This will help you when you are done with the parraph and are looking for answers. This saves a lot of time and allows you more time to attend to other questions.

  • Practice well for maths

You will have to invest a lot of time in practicing Math before you sit for the examination. Get hold of the right reference book and go through the practice lessons provided in them. You may also want to practice on your time manement skills. The best way to do so is imitate test conditions and practicing under them. This way you are saved a lot of nervousness on the day of the examination.

  • Try doing more mental math

Cultivate the habit of doing more mental math. This will help you in the long run. Adding, subtracting or multiplying large numbers in your head, keeps your mind sharp and alert. This will help in solving problems faster at the examination centre.

  • Do not waste time on questions you can’t crack

If you come across a question that you can’t crack, do not spend more than 3 minutes on it. Since the SAT is a time based test, it is best that you mane your time well and move on to the next question.

The key to succeeding in the SAT is planning, patience and hard work. So stick to your study plan!


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