TOEFL Listening Test Guide

Before you start your preparation for your TOEFL Listening Test it is absolutely necessary to be able to distinguish between two entirely different things: one is your level of listening skills and the second is the ability to exercise these skills in the actual format and conditions of the test by learning its organization and structure.

When taking a test, you are not improving your skills; instead you are proving what you have in the specific requirements of the test. To fully understand these concepts, think of yourself as a sprint athlete. You go to practice every day and exercise your muscles for strength and stamina, but you also try to improve your technique so on that special day you can be your best self when running 100 meters.

How to Improve your Listening Skills

By practicing just a few minutes every day, you will see great results in a couple of months. Your goal should be to reach Upper- Intermediate level.

  • If you can, try to get into conversations with English-speaking people whenever you can. This will help you with your speaking skills as well.
  • Try to watch films and shows without subtitles. Practice your understanding through context.
  • Listening to English music with easy to understand lyrics is also a great idea. It sometimes gives you the chance to study different accents.

In the following link, you will find some useful advice from ETS

The following links will provide you with some great practice coming from the BBC Learning English platform. You can start with these two links that offer short programs which you can do every day. Normally that should be enough.

Test Practice
On an actual TOEFL Listening test, you will get 4 or 6 lectures and 2 or 3 classroom discussions or conversations. You have to be alert and active in this part of the exam as you will not be permitted to take notes, and will be later asked questions from the sessions.

The following links will provide you with realistic sample questions from TOEFL Past Papers.


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