TOEFL Writing Langue Requirements and Skills

As with most standardized tests, the TOEFL asks you to write two essays, although each one is based on a different concept. This writer believes that standard sample answers to writing topics are not of much to the avere learner. Nevertheless if you don’t have the luxury of having your papers scored and commented by an experienced examiner, you should at least try to use the samples provided by ETS, which you will find in the link below.

For best preparation:

Refresh your grammar

Learn academic English

You should concentrate on studying langue that you would find on campus and in the classroom. You should read textbooks, encyclopedias, journals, and research articles. You won’t need to know any background information about certain subjects, but it helps to become familiar with the presentation and langue used in academic material. If you have a friend who goes to an English university, go to class with him as often as you can and borrow his books.

Become an expert note taker

Note taking is an important skill when taking university or college courses. You will be able to take notes in each section of the TOEFL iBT. As you study, practice taking notes both on the main idea of what you read and hear, as well as on the main details. Create your own shorthand for frequently used words and phrases.

Improve your typing skills

You will be required to fill out your answers on the computer and type your essay. If you usually rely on a few fingers to type, consider improving your typing skills before taking the TOEFL. Make sure that you are confident typing on a QWERTY keyboard. Even if your typing skills are strong, try doing practice tests on other computers.

Prevent stress on exam day by studying the format of the test in detail. The TOEFL test uses automated scoring to complement human scoring for the two tasks in the Writing section. Combining human judgment for content and meaning, and automated scoring for linguistic features, ensures consistent, quality scores.


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