Top Books for SAT preparation

If you are preparing for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), you must have gone through scores of books to find the right reference material that can help you crack the test. During the preparatory phase, it is important that you pick the right books to help and guide you. Do not waste your time practicing on anything and everything. In their effort to reach their dream score, a lot of students practice on questions they can get from any book they can lay their hands on. This results in confusion and a feeling of despair, about having spent a lot of time on studying but not having learnt much.

Save yourself all the heartache. Here’s a list of all the recommended books that will help you with your preparation for the SAT.

  • Official SAT guide with DVD

This book is a must have for all SAT aspirants. Prepared by the makers of SAT, this book contains full length tests that you can use for practice. After practicing on the sums given in the CD, you can also check your answers online and look for scores. The guide is best for the quantitative section in SAT. It will give you sample problems and detailed description of solved problems.

  • Kaplan SAT Premier 2015

This is another book that can be of great use to you if you are preparing for SAT. It comes with eight full length practice questions and also offers videos, quizzes, strategic advice and insightful answers for those preparing for the SAT. This book is also available in mobile version, which come with an online test.

  • Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide

Authored by Dr Gary Gruber, this book comes with five full length practice questions and insights for critical reasoning and analytical assessment. This book can help you strategise a study plan for you preparatory phase. The instructions in the book aim at providing candidates the right tools to crack the examination and achieve high scores.

  • Boot Camp for Your Brain: A No Nonsense Guide to SAT

This book has quite a different approach to SAT preparation. While other books will help you in depth analysis of questions, this book will tell you about the merits of long term memorisation. Also there are some very unique approaches the book suggests for achieving high scores in the SAT.

  • Barron’s SAT with CD ROM

Barron’s is one of the most popular books among those preparing for SAT. It covers all subjects tested in the SAT quite extensively and provides seven full length practice questions. The answers and their explanations are also given in the book for your better understanding.


Besides getting the right book, it is also important that you dedicate time to your studies. The most important thing that you need to do is strategize a study plan and stick to it. It is important that you keep your mind and body fit and focus well on the preparation. To crack SAT, hardwork and patience are key elements.



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